Listening closely to The Judique Flyer is a rich experience. Each accompanist throws a subtly different light on MacMaster's playing, making you even more aware of the inspiring lilt of his phrasing, his rock-solid timing, and the wealth of subtly-integrated graces that make his sound and rhythm sparkle.
Stephen Pedersen : The Halifax Chronicle-Herald

The Judique Flyer is one of this season's most wonderful CDs, an incredible and most historic recording. This is something that everybody with an interest in the music should have. After more then 60 years, Buddy MacMaster is still The Master.
Dan MacDonald : The Cape Breton Post

An exceptionally fine recording from the Ace of Cape Breton's fiddle players. On "The Judique Flyer", this mastery is well to the fore but he also gives an equal share of the stage to his able accompanists.
Peter Fairbairn : The Living Tradition, Scotland

The sturdy virility with which his bow prances and seesaws through songs both swift and slow is electrically soul-stirring with its precision, even tenor and emotion. Add to that the guest appearances of East Coast heavyweights like Dave MacIsaac, Hilda Chiasson and Tracey Dares, and you've got a CD that any fiddle enthusiast would be happy to have in their collection.
Melissa Buote : MediaPipe, Canada

Now in his seventies, MacMaster seemingly has not lost any drive and fire, as the music often seems to explode off his bow. And all the players are perfect, highlighting and driving the fiddle.There are fine liner notes evoking the setting from which MacMaster's music springs.
Stacy Phillips : Roots World, USA

MacMaster is to Celtic music what Dizzy Gillespie was to jazz, an elder statesman who inspires and instructs others while maintaining his own distinctive style.
Stephen Cooke : The Halifax Chronicle-Herald

. . . a clean bowing style that produces a sound that is both sweet and robust. Like the other fiddlers of the region, MacMaster is used to playing for both stepdancers and square dancers, and his intricate playing is imbued with the kind of spirit that produces the proper lift for dancing. A very informative 24-page booklet is included.
Paul-Emile Comeau : Dirty Linen, USA

This CD will become one of the definitive Cape Breton fiddle recordings. You will be thrilled by the quality of the recording and Buddy's relaxed comfort. 62 minutes of Cape Breton joy. Very highly recommended.
Jim Scarf : New and Notable Celtic CDs, San Francisco

This album will appeal to fiddlers on all counts.
The Box and Fiddle, Scotland

One of the acknowledged masters of the Cape Breton fiddle style, and on this album he demonstrates brilliantly the attack and precision that characterise the genre.
Chris Mills : Fiddle On, England

(He combines) a distinctive and infectious lift with an eminently enviable, absolutely solid rhythmic flair that's just irresistible, while still managing to find countless subtleties between the melodic lines. Quite simply, he has to be one of the finest fiddlers I've ever heard. I'd recommend this release wholeheartedly - to call it cheering and life-affirming is a hell of an understatement.
David Kidman : Rock 'n' Reel, England

Buddy is in masterly form here; possibly the finest recordings that he has made. He seems to be the fiddler who has it all: remarkable tone, fine attack in his playing that can also be full of subtlety.
Vic Smith : Folk Roots, England

The 76-year-old teams up with 13 of the greatest pianists from the Scots tradition of his native Cape Breton and lays down tracks as unstoppably powerful as the old Canadian steam train on the cover.
Norman Chalmers : Scotland On Sunday

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